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Paterson Police Arrest Three for Alleged Drug Distribution

By rlsmetro on

Members of the Paterson Narcotics division began an investigation into illegal drug sales occurring in the area of Park Ave and E. 18thStreet and the surrounding areas.

Police said the investigation resulted in the arrest of **Rafael E Collazo, 43**, of Paterson, **Edward Infante, 38, of Brooklyn**, and **William Hodges, 36, Paterson** in the 8:30 p.m. raid that was conducted at 217 Park Avenue.

**The following evidence was recovered:** (7600) glassines plus (300) grams of raw heroin, (45) Baggies and (2) knotted sandwich bags containing (83) grams of crack cocaine, (410) Ecstasy pills, (6) Baggies containing(206) grams of cocaine, (45) Baggies containing, and (750) grams of marijuana.

Police charged each with various offenses including the following:

Possession of (7600) glassines envelopes plus (390) grams of heroin with the intent to distribute, intent to distribute same within 1000 feet of Eastside High School.

Possession of (45) Ziploc baggies plus (2) knotted bags of crack cocaine approx. (83) grams with the intent to distribute Possession of (410) ecstasy pill with the intent to distribute, possession of (6) baggies containing approximately (206) grams of cocaine, and possession of (45) baggies containing approximately (750) grams of marijuana.

Police said that they confiscated $1489.00 from Collazo, 502.00 from Edward. and $187.00 from Hogges.