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Passenger in Vehicle Brandishes Weapon Outside Elizabeth School 


By: Karla Coral 

A person was arrested Tuesday, according to the Elizabeth Superintendent of Schools, after they reportedly brandished a weapon outside Thomas Edison Career and Technical Academy in Elizabeth.

The incident occurred sometime around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday after a school administrator alerted staff and guards that a passenger of a vehicle outside the school was seen brandishing a weapon. 

Yesterday, Olga Hugelmeyer, Elizabeth's Superintendent of Schools, released the following statement: 

This morning, a passenger of a vehicle passing Thomas Edison Career and Technical Academy was observed brandishing a weapon, upon observation of the passenger, security guards quickly escorted students into the building.

The vehicle left the vicinity of Edison Career and Technical Academy and the Elizabeth Police Department was promptly notified of the incident. EPD investigated and apprehended the suspect around noon.”

Officials added that as a precaution, several district schools in the area had indoor recess and patrol cars were assigned to monitor the immediate area as an added measure of safety.

Parents and staff, however, demand transparency about what happened yesterday. Students and staff claim school officials failed to call a lockdown, shelter in place, or pass any restrictions. 

“We never received any alert or messages regarding what was happening at the school,” several parents said.

“A day later and we have very little information as to the suspect's identity. Was the alleged suspect a student? What was the motive behind the incident?

As parents, we need answers. I kept my child home today and know other parents and staff did the same.”

There is no word yet from officials if a second crime scene on Washington Avenue around 9:30 a.m. was related to the yesterday’s arrest. 

Anyone with any information related to the incident mentioned above is asked to call the Elizabeth Police Department at 908-558-2000