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Out of Control Vehicle Slams into Papa John's Restaurant in Kearny


Police in Kearny are searching for a driver who fled the scene of a crash that caused damage to a building on Tuesday. 

According to preliminary reports, the driver of an SUV speeding on Belleville Turnpike (Route 7) attempted to make a right turn on Kearny Avenue when they lost control and slammed into the Papa John's restaurant around 2:20 a.m.

A video of the incident showed the out-of-control vehicle just barely missed a collision with a North Arlington Police cruiser on routine crime suppression patrol near the border.

According to the video, the driver placed the car in reverse then sped away from the patrol vehicle that attempted to get the suspect to stop. 

Police followed the vehicle to Harrison Avenue - near the Walmart - where the suspect entered the eastbound I-280 ramp toward Newark when officers lost track of the car. 

The unoccupied vehicle was later recovered in a neighboring town with the suspect at large. 

Police reported no physical injuries.