OSHA Confirms Worksite Accident at Port Elizabeth

OSHA officials are looking into what caused an accident that injured a work at the Elizabeth Port today.

According to a brief statement released by OSHA, officials say they are aware of an incident that occurred earlier today regarding an employee injury.

According to preliminary reports, the incident happened before 10:35 a.m. when the employee working as a ’Checker’ was struck by a tractor-trailer and suffered serious injuries at APM Terminal according to reports.

APM officials released the following statement:

”Due to an incident on the terminal, APM Terminals Elizabeth is temporarily suspending operations. We expect to resume normal operations at 1:00 PM”

OSHA officials said the incident is not a workplace fatality at this time.

Today’s accident is the second worksite accident that occurred in less than a week at APM.

On Friday, OSHA confirmed that a man was killed when a tractor-trailer crushed him at APM. Click HERE to read the report of Friday’s fatality.

Both incidents are under investigation.