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Orange Resident Attempts to Enter Essex County Building with Handgun Police say


Ad By: Richard L. Smith 

Police said Mr. Charles Pryor II, an Orange resident, was apprehended for attempting to enter the Essex County Hall of Records with a semi-automatic handgun concealed in his book bag.

The weapon was discovered during a routine X-ray screening of his belongings. 

Upon the gun's detection, the Essex County Sheriff's Officer stationed at the security checkpoint promptly seized the firearm.

When confronted about the weapon, Sheriff Fontura said Mr. Pryor reportedly stated that he had "forgotten it was in there."

Subsequently, Mr. Pryor was arrested and charged with a second-degree crime for the unlawful possession of a handgun without the requisite permit.

Following the arrest, he was transferred to the Essex County Correctional Facility under the escort of the Sheriff's Transportation Division.