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Orange NJ Woman Arrested for Impersonating DCP&P Worker, Aggravated Assault in Maplewood 


AdBy: Richard L. Smith 

In a startling incident that unfolded on September 20, Maplewood police officers responded to a report of an aggravated assault at a residence on Brown Street.

What began as a phone call from an alleged representative of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) took a terrifying turn, ultimately leading to the arrest of a suspect.

According to the Maplewood Police Department, the victim, a resident of Brown Street, recounted receiving a phone call from an individual claiming to be affiliated with DCP&P.

Within minutes of this call, an unverified black female appeared at the resident's doorstep, verbally asserting herself as a DCP&P agent and requesting entry into the home.

Sensing something amiss, the resident rightfully refused to grant access, as the visitor failed to provide any form of identification and lacked the presence of a police officer.

In an alarming twist, the unidentified female deployed pepper spray against the resident before making a hasty exit in a white SUV.

Although the Maplewood Fire Department and EMS promptly responded to the scene, the resident declined medical attention.

Following a thorough investigation conducted by the Youth Aid Bureau, law enforcement officials have successfully identified the suspect involved in this distressing episode.

As of Tuesday, October 10, at approximately 10:28 a.m., Maplewood Detectives took 24-year-old Ms. Widda Deneus of Orange into custody.

Deneus now faces multiple charges, including Aggravated Assault, Impersonating a Government Official, and Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose.

It's essential to remember that all charges against Ms. Widda Deneus are allegations, and she is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.