Open Public Records Act Homicide Investigations in Essex County

An Open Public Records Act request submitted to the Essex County Prosecutors Office by RLS Media asking for information regarding homicides in Essex County from January 1, 2017, through May 31st, 2017 compared to the same timeframe last year.

Our staff has crossed referenced this information with homicide reports submitted to us as they occurred, incident by incident, through the Prosecutor's Office.

Please use this link: to cross reference the numbers from last year at the same time. OUR SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE TO THE PUBLIC

This is how the Essex County Prosecutor's Office is breaking down homicide investigations from January through May 2017:

CALDWELL NJ: There was one (1) person stabbed to death in February. Total 1

IRVINGTON NJ: In February, a woman suffered a fatal gunshot wound. In May there were two (2) Males killed in the township Total: 3

EAST ORANGE NJ: In January, one (1) male died from a gunshot wound while in April three (3) males died after being shot multiple times each. Total: 4

ORANGE NJ: At this time last year Orange were up at about 4 homicides. There are zero (0) homicides in Orange at this time.

MAPLEWOOD NJ: In a single incident in January two (2) men and one (1) woman was killed at a location in Maplewood.

Not part of the Opra Report because of date range but we are including a June 7th homicide that occurred where a man allegedly killed his dad to this report. Total 4

NEWARK NJ: In January, three (3) men died of single gunshot wounds while one (1) man was shot multiple times. Total 3

In February, four (4) men were killed by single gunshot wounds. Total 4

In March two (2) men and one (1) woman was killed after single gunshot wounds, while four (4) men died after being shot multiple gunshot wounds. Total 7

In April, Five (5) men died from multiple gunshot wounds, while two (2) men died from single gunshot wounds. Total 7

In May, two (2) men were killed after being shot multiple times while one (1) person was killed after being shot a single time. One (1) person died after being stabbed. Total 4

We would like to THANK our entire Metro Breaking News staff, the community, The Essex County Prosecutor's Office, and our legal team/advisors for assisting.