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Onion Residue: Elevating the Marriedpreneur Mindset

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By: O.L./Sway Buckley 

I was getting my Betty Crocker on tonight and preparing dinner for my wife and me. 


I was following a recipe for homemade vegetable broth. Celery, onions, and carrots were the main ingredients. "Easy peasy," I thought. 


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I started with the celery. 

Cleaned and cut it. 

Then it was time for my 'fav,' the onion. I quickly cut it on the wooden cutting board and tossed the pieces in a pot of water- hoping to get the smell as far away from me as possible as I raced against my internal timer that would soon set off geysers from the toxins. 


I was defeated. 


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My eyes still began to fill with tears as I quickly turned the cold water on and cut the carrots on the board. I didn't understand why I was still 'nearly crying' since I moved the onions even further away from me. 


I should have been OK with that distance. 


Then I realized it wasn't the onion at all that was affecting my eyes. It was the residue on the cutting board that I was now using for the carrots. 


The juice from the onion was so potent that my body thought it was the actual onion in front of me. But in reality, it was where the onion previously was. 


That's how it is sometimes with our mindsets. 


As married business owners, there are layers of mindsets that we must work through and elevate to have new results. 


The issue can be even when we work on our mindsets (i.e., money, business, communication, messaging, etc.), there is always a default that is more comfortable than going the distance to grow. 


There is always a residue. 


Many couples get caught up in the residue without even realizing it. Old mindsets are easy to recognize when implementing new systems. It takes time, consistency, and accountability for it to settle and then become the new residue. Let this remind you not to allow the old residue to prevent the new.

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Note: O.L. is a former banker turned real estate consultant and entrepreneur. Sway is a former CEO of a staffing firm she started on her dorm room floor to pay for college. Together they co-own Marriedpreneur Life Consultancy, equipping married entrepreneur couples with high-level systems to scale without strain. They're the co-hosts of The Marriedprenuer Life Podcast, which was Wedding Wire's top relationship podcast to listen to. Learn more at