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One New Jersey Lottery Ticket Wins $1,000,000


By: Najla Alexander 

As reported by NJ Lottery officials, one New Jersey ticket matched four of the five white balls, and the Cash Ball was drawn, winning the $2,500 third-tier prize.

That ticket was purchased with Doubler, doubling the prize to $5,000, officials say. 

One New York Lottery CASH4LIFE ticket matched the five white balls drawn for the Tuesday, March 7, drawing winning the $1,000 a week for life second-tier prize. 

According to NJ lottery officials, 9,307 other players won $51,175 in cash prizes ranging from $2 to $500, with 2,567 of those tickets doubling their prize with DOUBLER. The winning numbers were: 02, 04, 22, 26, and 51. The Cash Ball was: 01.

CASH4LIFE offers two jackpot prizes for the $2.00 ticket price, officials said. 

Officials say the top prize is $1,000 a day for life, with a current cash value of $7,000,000, and the second prize is $1,000 a week for life, with a cash value of $1,000,000.

In addition to the “for Life” prizes, the CASH4LIFE game offers seven other prizes with prizes of $2,500, $500, $100, $25, $10, $4, and $2.

The DOUBLER add-on feature doubles the $2,500 third-tier prize to $5,000 when added to gameplay for an additional $1 per play. It also doubles all of the other tier prizes lottery officials reported. 

The $1,000 a day for life and $1,000 a week for life prizes are not doubled officials said. 

CASH4LIFE tickets are now available in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Players select five numbers from a field of one through 60 and then select a “Cash Ball”  from a field of one through four.

Drawings are held every day at approximately 9:00 p.m