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NWS: Warmer Temperatures Bring Pleasant Sunday to Newark, North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

According to the National Weather Service, Sunday is expected to shift towards warmer weather, contrasting with Saturday's slight chill.

Nino As temperatures rise, Newark residents and the surrounding North Jersey region can anticipate a comfortable and sunny day ahead.

NWS meteorologists say today will be a high near 87 degrees. 

Initially coming from the west, the gentle breeze will gradually shift to a southwest direction at 5 to 10 mph during the morning hours. This transition is expected to add to the overall pleasantness of the day.

As the day turns to night, NWS meteorologists say the skies are predicted to remain mostly clear. The thermometer is expected to read around 69 degrees, providing a relatively mild night for the region.

Humidity levels are projected to hover around 76%, contributing to a comfortable and balanced atmosphere.

The wind speed, originating from the southwest at 5 mph, will further enhance the overall comfort factor of the evening.

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