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NWS: A Sunny but Cool Sunday Ahead in North Jersey 


By: Richard L. Smith 

North Jersey residents are waking up to a chilly morning, with temperatures starting the day on the colder side.

NinosSome areas, like Sparta, are even dipping below freezing. While there's good news on the horizon – the sun will be shining today – it won't significantly increase temperatures.

Expect a mostly sunny day, with the high temperature reaching nearly 56 degrees.

However, a brisk west wind of 5 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph, will remind you that it's still cool outside.

As the day turns into night, Meteorologists at the National Weather Service, skies will remain mostly clear, but temperatures will drop again, with a low around 35 degrees.

A northwest wind of 8 to 14 mph, gusting up to 26 mph, will continue to keep things brisk.

So, while the sun is out, be sure to dress warmly if you plan to be outside today in North Jersey.