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NWS: Newark, North Jersey Region Begins to Warms Up Slightly, But Cold Persists


By: Richard L. Smith 

After a frigid weekend, Newark and the North Jersey region are beginning to experience a slight thaw, though the cold still grips the area.GenceptzAt 4 a.m., temperatures hovered at 25 degrees, promising a day with clearer skies and more sunshine than the weekend offered.

Today, residents can expect mostly sunny skies with highs reaching near 36 degrees. Despite the sun, the wind chill will make it feel like it's between 15 and 25 degrees due to a gentle southwest wind blowing at 5 to 11 mph.

As night falls, the skies will turn mostly cloudy, with lows dipping to around 30 degrees.

The wind chill will linger between 25 and 30 degrees, reminding everyone that winter is still very much in the air.

While the sunshine might suggest a warmer day, don't be misled – temperatures won't rise much beyond freezing.

It's essential to continue to bundle up and stay warm as the cold season maintains its hold over the region.Genceptz