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NWS: Mild, Rainy Start to Sunday in Newark and North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

My friends and family in the Newark and North Jersey region are experiencing a mild start to their week following a rainy Saturday.

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The National Weather Service reports that Sunday will see rain continuing until around 5 pm, followed by drizzle and patchy fog, with temperatures reaching a high near 50 degrees.

An east wind of 7 to 10 mph was present, and the chance of precipitation stood at a full 100%, with new rainfall amounts ranging between a half to three-quarters of an inch.

Sunday night's weather shifted slightly, with drizzle or light rain likely before 8 pm and patchy fog occurring before 2 am.

The skies are expected to clear up gradually, becoming partly cloudy. The temperature is set to remain steady around 48 degrees.

A northeast wind of 5 to 8 mph will turn west after midnight, and the chance of precipitation will decrease to 60%.

Despite the persistent rain, this milder weather provides a gentle transition from the typically colder conditions expected at this time of the year.