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NWS: Mild, Dry Morning in Newark, Rain Expected by Evening


By: Richard L. Smith 

The Newark and North Jersey region are enjoying a dry start to the day, with mild temperatures around 53 degrees this morning following a picturesque spring Tuesday where temperatures reached the low 80s.AHAThe National Weather Service forecasts a shift in weather patterns as the day progresses, with rain anticipated to arrive by evening.

The day kicks off with cloudy skies and a slight drop in temperature, setting the stage for a cooler Wednesday.

North Jersey might see a sporadic shower or two, but the region is not in for a total washout.

NWS forecasters said the chance of showers increases to about 30 percent, mainly after 8 a.m., under mostly cloudy skies and a high nearing 60 degrees. A gentle east wind will blow at around six mph.

As night falls, the likelihood of showers remains at 30 percent, mainly after 2 a.m., keeping the skies mostly cloudy with a low hovering around 52 degrees.

Despite the damp conditions, the mild temperatures provide a comfortable backdrop for those in Newark and surrounding areas.