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NWS: Heavy Overnight Rain Transitions to Showers in Newark, North Jersey to Start the Week


By: Richard L. Smith 

Residents in the Newark and North Jersey region are bracing themselves for another round of precipitation, with weather reports predicting a chance of showers before 8 am and after 3 pm.


While the precipitation is not expected to be as heavy as the torrential rain that hit the area over the weekend, forecasters said residents are still advised to use caution when traveling on the roads. They may still experience residual flooding. 

According to meteorologists at The National Weather Service, the day will start with a chance of showers, followed by increasing clouds and a high near 60 degrees. The wind is expected to blow from the west and reach speeds of around 15 mph.

Forecasters say the humidity will be at 74%, while the barometer will read at 29.19.

The forecast comes after the Newark, North Jersey region was hit with heavy rains over the weekend, leading to flooding in several parts of the city.

As residents begin the cleanup process, officials are urging caution and asking everyone to keep an eye on the weather conditions.

According to the National Weather Service, while the chance of precipitation is only 30%, residents and commuters are advised to take precautions when traveling on the roads.

Some roads in the area may still be experiencing flooding, which could make it difficult for drivers to navigate safely.

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