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NWS: Heatwave Expected in Newark, North Jersey Region with Rising Temperatures


PartyBy: Richard L. Smith 

My friends and family in Newark and the surrounding North Jersey region are gearing up for a potential heatwave.

According to The National Weather Service, the weather forecast indicates that temperatures are expected to rise significantly, reaching a high near 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

A west wind with speeds of 6 to 10 mph is also expected to contribute to the warm conditions.

While the morning may start off cool, NWS forecasters say the heat and humidity will increase throughout the day. Residents are advised to take necessary precautions to stay cool and hydrated, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

The humidity level is predicted to be around 78%, and a southwesterly wind at eight mph will add to the warm and muggy atmosphere.

Conditions are expected to remain mostly clear for the upcoming night, with a low of around 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to NWS forecasters, this relatively warm nighttime temperature indicates a heatwave that may persist for the next several days, with temperatures hovering in the 90s.

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