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NWS: Dangerous Heat Wave Forecast for New Jersey

New Jersey

By: Richard L. Smith 

According to the National Weather Service, New Jersey is bracing for dangerous heat this week. Temperatures are expected to soar into the high 90s in some areas. Ice CreamA heat advisory is in effect for 17 counties throughout the state. Today’s forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and a high near 91 degrees, accompanied by south winds at 6 to 10 mph.

The National Weather Service advises New Jersey residents to drink plenty of fluids, stay in cooler rooms, avoid direct sunlight, and check on relatives and neighbors, especially the elderly and those living alone.

The New Jersey Utilities Association (NJUA) also recommends efficient use of energy and water while taking steps to stay safe and comfortable.

Richard Henning, president & CEO of NJUA, emphasized that the combination of heat, humidity, and increased electricity demand for air conditioning can stress electric and water delivery systems. 

“While our utilities are ready for the first heat wave of the year, it makes sense that residents and businesses do the right thing,” Henning said. “There is great potential to save energy and water, especially in peak hours, by doing laundry later in the evening or setting your thermostat a couple of degrees higher.”

The NJUA offers several tips to stay cool and save energy during the heat wave:

  • Keep shades, blinds, and curtains closed: About 40 percent of unwanted heat comes through windows.
  • Use fans strategically: Fans circulate air, creating a windchill effect. Position them to draw in cooler air or exhaust hot air.
  • Shorter showers, cooler comfort: Reduce shower time and consider switching to cool showers. This saves water and reduces the energy needed for hot water heating.
  • Wash wisely: Run full loads of laundry and dishes, preferably at night. This conserves water and reduces energy consumption. Air-dry clothes instead of using an energy-intensive dryer.
  • Thermostat tweaks: Raise your thermostat setting a few degrees. Even a small increase can significantly reduce energy consumption while maintaining relative comfort.
  • Unplug phantom energy drains: Unplug electronics and chargers when not in use to eliminate energy consumption in standby mode.
  • Invest in a smart thermostat: These programmable devices allow temperature adjustments based on daily routines and weather conditions, optimizing energy usage.

“New Jersey residents have always stepped up in a big way during heat waves, but with the hot temperatures here now in the earliest part of summer, the ability to stay cool and comfortable is paramount for their health and safety,” Henning said.

“You can count on our utilities to do their part in the coming days and help the state meet this challenge.”

Henning also noted that the heat wave could bring thunderstorms, which may affect the overhead delivery system and cause outages. He urged residents to stay away from downed wires during storms and to report them to local police or their utility company.