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NWS: Cool and Crisp Start to the Day in Newark, North Jersey Region


Ad By: Richard L. Smith 

North Jersey residents are waking up to a refreshing and cool fall-like morning today, signaling the arrival of a delightful weather pattern.

With temperatures in some areas of Sussex County dipping into the high 40s, it's clear that autumn is making its presence felt.

According to The National Weather Service, Newark and the surrounding North Jersey region weather conditions are equally pleasant, with a comfortable humidity level of 65%.

YogaThe day promises clear skies and plenty of sunshine to enjoy outdoor activities.

NWS forecasters said the forecast indicates a high temperature near 74 degrees, making it an ideal day for residents to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

A north wind blowing at 11 to 14 mph adds a gentle, crisp touch to the day.

As the day transitions into night, NWS forecasters say Newark can expect partly cloudy skies with a low temperature of around 59 degrees.

This provides a pleasant evening for those looking to spend time outdoors or relax under the night sky.

The recent shift in weather patterns has been a welcome change for many, offering a break from the hot and humid conditions experienced earlier in September. 

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