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NWS: Cloudy Start but Warmer Day Ahead for Newark, North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

In the Newark and North Jersey region, my friends and family can look forward to a pleasantly warmer day despite the cloud cover that marks a departure from the recent streak of sunny weather.AdThe morning chill has eased compared to the past two days, offering a more comfortable start.

While the skies will be mostly cloudy, the area is expected to remain mainly dry, lacking the clear, sunny brilliance of the previous three days.

However, the day will see a shift as it progresses, with the clouds gradually giving way to mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. The National Weather Service said temperatures are set to reach a high near 55 degrees, with a gentle south wind moving at 5 to 8 mph.

As evening falls, the region will see mostly cloudy skies again, with temperatures dipping to a low of around 39 degrees. This mild weather provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy a Friday in New Jersey, embracing the warmer temperatures and the break from colder mornings.

So, grab a light jacket and make the most of this day, as the weather promises a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.