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NWS: Cloudy Skies, Showers Ahead as Weather Shifts in Newark and North Jersey



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Prepare for a change in weather as we transition from clear skies to cloudy conditions in the Newark and surrounding North Jersey region. After three consecutive days of enjoyable dry weather, the streak is forecasted to break Thursday. 

The sun might take a back seat today, as the sky will be covered in a blanket of clouds.

According to The National Weather Service, residents are urged to be prepared for occasional scattered showers, and some of these showers could be pretty heavy.

 As the day progresses, NWS forecasters said there is a 30 percent chance of showers, primarily after 10 a.m.

The temperature will peak around 73 degrees, with a gentle south wind of 3 to 8 mph. As evening approaches, the chance of rain persists.

The NWS said showers are anticipated, and there's even a possibility of a thunderstorm after 2 a.m. The temperature will remain steady at around 70 degrees.

 The likelihood of precipitation stands at 80%, and we might experience new rainfall amounts ranging from a quarter to half an inch.

So, keep your umbrella handy and stay prepared for the damp weather ahead.

Residents are advised to stay updated with weather alerts on RLS Media by clicking HERE 24 hours a day.