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NWS: Cloudy Friday Sets Stage for Sunny Weekend in Newark


By: Richard L. Smith 

The Newark and North Jersey region can expect a mostly cloudy Friday, with temperatures reaching a high near 52 degrees.

GenceptzWhile a brisk west wind of 5 to 10 mph adds a chill to the air, The National Weather Service said residents can anticipate improving conditions as the weekend approaches.

NWS meteorologists said tonight's weather will bring mostly clear skies with a low of around 39 degrees and a west wind of 6 to 9 mph.

As we wake up to slightly chilly temperatures, Friday will be characterized by mostly cloudy conditions, and some areas may experience light drizzle at times.

However, this precipitation is expected to be scattered and not widespread across the region.

Looking ahead, the weekend promises a significant improvement in weather conditions, with sunshine expected to dominate both Saturday and Sunday.

So, despite a cloudy start to the weekend, residents can look forward to sunny skies and milder temperatures in the days ahead.