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NWS: Clear Skies Return to Newark After Rainy Spell


Ad By: Richard L. Smith 

After enduring several days of relentless rain and gloomy weather, residents of Newark and the North Jersey region can finally look forward to brighter days ahead.

The recent heavy rainfall and overcast skies will give way to a much-improved weather outlook.

Today, National Weather Service meteorologists said the Newark, North Jersey region can expect mostly sunny conditions, with a high temperature reaching around 66°F.

A gentle northeast wind, blowing at approximately nine mph, will contribute to the pleasant weather.

NWS meteorologist said the humidity level is relatively comfortable at 64%, making outdoor activities more enjoyable.

While the day will start with some clouds and fog, these are expected to disperse as the day progresses, leaving behind clear blue skies.

The return of sunshine is a welcome relief for locals who have recently had to contend with wet and dreary conditions.