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NWS: Chilly Sunday Dawns in Newark, North Jersey Braces for Biting Cold


By: Richard L. Smith 


The Newark and North Jersey region is waking up to a frigid Sunday morning, with temperatures hovering below the freezing mark.NinosMy family and friends in Newark are experiencing a relatively milder 23 degrees, a 'small' welcome respite compared to other parts of North Jersey, where the mercury has plummeted to the teens and even single digits.

However, it's not just the cold temperatures that are of concern today. The National Weather Service said the wind is a significant factor, expected to make the air feel even more biting and blustery.

Despite the chill, there's a silver lining with a forecast of sunny skies, offering a reprieve from the previous day's snow messiness.

The National Weather Service predicts a high near 39 degrees for today in Newark, but the wind chill values will linger between 15 and 25 degrees.

A southwest wind starting at a gentle 5 to 10 mph will intensify by the afternoon, reaching speeds of 12 to 17 mph with gusts potentially hitting 30 mph.

So, as you step out on this crisp Sunday, remember to dress warmly and brace for the chill.

Despite the cold, it's a great day to enjoy the sunshine that's set to grace us. Stay warm and have a wonderful Sunday!