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NWS: Chilly Start with Sunshine Turning to Clouds in Newark, North Jersey Region


By: Richard L. Smith 

This morning, Newark and the North Jersey region are experiencing less breeze compared to yesterday, yet the cold still grips the area firmly.AdWith temperatures at 30 degrees in Newark as of 4:30 a.m., residents can expect a day that begins with sunshine, only to see clouds rolling in as the day progresses.

Today, there's a 20 percent chance of snow showers arriving post-4 p.m., signaling a shift in the weather pattern.


The National Weather Service said the high is anticipated to be near 38 degrees despite the increasing clouds. However, the wind chill values between 15 and 25 degrees remind us of winter's presence.AdInitially blowing from the west at 6 to 8 mph, the wind is expected to veer south in the afternoon, introducing a slight change in the day's dynamics.

As night falls, rain and snow showers can occur before 1 a.m., followed by cloudy skies that will gradually clear. The overnight low is predicted to hover around 32 degrees, making for a chilly end to the day.

Residents are advised to bundle up and dress warmly to navigate this varied weather comfortably.

Stay prepared and keep an eye on the skies as we transition from sunshine to clouds and, possibly, a sprinkle of snow.