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Notable Artists to Usher in Montclair’s First Peruvian Independence Celebration


Montclair joins for the first time other cities of New Jersey that will celebrate on Jun 19 the independence of Peru, with a cultural program that features notable Peruvian artists.

According to a statement released by organizers, the international singer Lula Valdivia, the renowned Andean dance artist Rosa Carhuallanqui and the Cuzco painter Fernando Mariscal, will be presenting their art in the public library of Montclair the first celebration of the Independence of Peru, which 198 years ago became independent as a republic.

Currently, Elizabeth, Union City, Passaic, Clifton, Paterson, Jersey City, Newark, Harrison and Kearny, among others celebrate the Independence of Peru in New Jersey.

Pieces of Peruvian crafts will also be exhibited official said.

Valdivia, Peruvian singer resident in Orange and married to the American Thomas Dukish, will present the show "The Peruvian Extravaganza": a selection of Afro-Peruvian, Creole and Andean music, with iconic themes such as the Peruvian waltz "La Flor de la Canela", the afroperuvian rhythm "Toro Mata" or the huayno "Valicha", among others,

She will be accompanied by Enrico Granel (vocalist, chromatic harmonica and guitar), Raul Abbad (guitar), Ian Stewart (bass) and Héctor Morales (percussion)

Officials say the singer is an exclusive artist of Trumpets Jazz Club de Montclair since 2009, the same year she arrived from Peru, with a career based in her country and Chile, invited to be the godmother of Paterson's Peruvian parade.

It is also, together with Cristina Massari, owner of the mentioned club, the producer of the show in association with Montclair Public Library, one of the most enthusiastic in carrying out the celebration.

"We are more than one million Peruvians in the United States, and 70% live between New Jersey and New York and it is essential that we are present in a city like Montclair, which has 151 years of American life, where the Latin presence is very meager, because it is time for us to make our culture visible to North Americans in this area, in different facets of art, "says Valdivia.

For his part, Fernando Mariscal a prolific impressionist painter, graduated from the Autonomous Superior School of Fine Arts "Diego Quispe Tito" of Cusco, Peru, and resident in Montclair, with a production that exceeds the barrier of 200 paintings, will offer a selection of portraits of characters and city landscapes.

Rosa Carhuallanqui from Peru Inca Folk dance school, laureate native choreographer and dance teacher, graduate in Marinera Norteña and Ballet Folklorico from the National School of Folklore "José María Arguedas" and author of the book "Pastors of Height, Magic, Rites and Danzas ", will carry on his shoulders the exhibition of the typical dances of that Andean country.

The day of the celebration is June 19. The entire program is free and open to the public; It will be held at Montclair Public Library, at 50 South Fullerton Ave Montclair, NJ 07042, from 3 pm to 9 pm.

Peruvian Independence of Spain was on July 28, 1821.