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North Jersey Wakes Up to Beautiful 4th of July; Thunderstorms Expected by Evening


By: Richard L. Smith 

Residents across North Jersey are greeted with a beautiful and clear 4th of July morning, setting the stage for a festive day ahead, though it promises to be hot and muggy.AdThe National Weather Service forecasts a mostly sunny start with mild conditions, perfect for early celebrations and outdoor activities.

However, forecasters say that as the day progresses, temperatures are expected to reach a high near 89 degrees, accompanied by a southwest wind blowing at 6 to 10 mph, with gusts potentially reaching 20 mph.

While the first part of the day will remain clear, New Jerseyans should prepare for scattered thunderstorms arriving in the evening, which could impact outdoor plans, including fireworks displays.

The chance of showers and thunderstorms increases to 30 percent, mainly after 5 pm.

Tonight, the weather will turn mostly cloudy, and there is a continued chance of showers and thunderstorms.AdPatchy fog is also expected to develop after 5 am, with overnight lows hovering around 74 degrees.

Residents are encouraged to enjoy the 4th of July festivities but to remain aware of the changing weather conditions, especially if they plan to be outdoors for extended periods.

Have a great Independence Day, and stay safe, NJ!