UPDATE: No Jail for Former Newark Rutgers Professor Who Sexually Assaulted Disabled Student

A 48-year-old former Rutgers philosophy professor charged for having sexual contact with a disabled man today was sentenced to time served.

Officials said Anna Stubblefield, former member of the Rutgers-Newark philosophy department, will not have to go back to state prison after serving two years behind bars prior to her overturned conviction in June 2017.

According to authorities, on Mar. 19th, Stubblefield, pleaded guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated criminal sexual contact following a plea deal acknowledging that at the time of her sexual encounters with D.J., a 37-year-old nonverbal man with cerebral palsy, could not legally consent to encounters.

A judge on October 2016 awarded D.J.’s family a $4 million in a civil lawsuit filed by the family.