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NJ Trio Arrested in Major Narcotics and Firearms Sweep

Hillsborough Township

By: Richard L. Smith 

Somerset County Prosecutor John P. McDonald announced the arrest of three men in Hillsborough following an intensive narcotics and firearms investigation.

Real estate Mr. Christian Lebron, 22, and Mr. Sean Lebron, 20, both residing on South Branch Road, along with Juan Martinez, 21, of Gemini Drive, were apprehended in connection with the investigation.

On the morning of January 26, 2024, at approximately 9:30 a.m., the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force, in collaboration with the Somerset County SWAT Team, Hillsborough Township Police Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and United States Postal Inspection Service, concluded their investigation with raids on residences located on South Branch Road and Gemini Drive in Hillsborough Township.

The operation was the culmination of a lengthy investigation that led to the execution of Superior Court search warrants at both locations.

Authorities seized an arsenal of four handguns equipped with five high-capacity magazines, in addition to a significant quantity of drugs—770 Xanax pills, 10 Oxycodone pills, 200 LSD Acid gel tabs, 67 grams of cocaine, and 56 grams of marijuana.

The total street value of the seized firearms and narcotics is estimated to be around $21,030.00.


Real estate Christian Lebron faces multiple charges, including 1st degree distribution of LSD, 2nd degree possession of a handgun, and 3rd degree distribution of marijuana, among others.

Sean Lebron has been charged with offenses including 1st degree distribution of LSD, 2nd degree possession of a handgun, and 3rd degree distribution of cocaine.

Juan Martinez’s charges include 1st degree distribution of LSD, 2nd degree distribution of cocaine, and 3rd degree distribution of Xanax and Oxycontin, alongside several firearms-related charges.

All three defendants were taken to the Somerset County Jail, where they await a detention hearing. The case marks a significant crackdown on drug and firearm trafficking in the area.

Prosecutor McDonald, along with local law enforcement leaders, has called on the community for any additional information related to this investigation, urging individuals to contact the Somerset County Prosecutors Office Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force.

This case highlights the ongoing efforts by Somerset County officials to combat the intertwined issues of narcotics trafficking and illegal firearms possession.