NJ State Police Hosting 3rd Annual "Missing in New Jersey" Event

The NJ State Police is going to host its 3rd Annual "Missing in New Jersey" event. This event will take place on May 18 at Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers, N.J. from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

It is open to the friends and family of those who are missing, officials say. They will be able to heal, network, learn and maintain hope.

Reports say that the event will also allow families to give biometric data. This data will be used solely to help in missing persons cases and unidentified human remains.

According to officials, if you are feeling doubtful about your origins and history, you can submit DNA, which officials could link to an unidentified child abduction case.

The event will welcome children, and officials say that no one will be turned away.