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NJ Public Workers, Elected Officials Health Premium Hike Rally TODAY at Noon

Mercer County

BY: Najla Alexander

According to Mercer County officials, Mercer County employees and other area public employees are rallying Thursday for relief from the massive 24% increase in medical premiums by the NJ State Health Benefits Plan.

Being held at Mercer County Administration Building, 640 South Broad Street, Trenton. 

Officials said last Thursday, there was a spirited demonstration that included county workers, folks from Mercer Board of Social Services, workers from NJ HMFA, and support from Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes.

The health premium hikes are devastating to public workers, county and local governments, and taxpayers, officials reported. 

They are expecting a bigger rally tomorrow, including area elected officials, not to mention a broad and unprecedented coalition of unions, including AFSCME, CWA, Teamsters, and PBA, who are supporting the rally.

Officials say that the Mercer rally is one of nine planned statewide on November 3. 

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