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NJ to Pay $615K Settlement to Father of Irvington Man Shot, Killed by Trooper

By kcora on
Irvington Township

The State of New Jersey will pay $615,000 settlement to the father of an Irvington man shot to death by a New Jersey State Police trooper.

According to reports, on Oct. 3, 2013, Trooper Miguel Holguin responded to an Irvington street for a report of a man armed with two weapons.

Upon arrival, Holguin and other troopers approached Dawud Alexander, 24, of Irvington, who began running. Police claimed that as Alexander ran he dropped a stun gun but then allegedly pointed a second weapon - a handgun - at the troopers. Holguin subsequently shot Alexander four times. Police never recovered a weapon the night of the incident but ultimately found a revolver at the scene the next day.

An investigation ensued and after a grand jury reviewed the case, they determined that Holguin’s use of force was justified.

However, Alexander’s father, Jackie Alexander, in the lawsuit stated that his son only had the stun gun and was no longer a threat after he dropped it. According to Alexander’s father, the trooper had no reason to believe his son was armed and dangerous and had no reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm.

Five years later, the parties have reached a settlement which will be paid from the state’s tort claims fund.

The settlement is just an agreement between said parties and it does not suggest or imply that Holguin - who is till with the NJSP - is admitting to any wrongdoing.

According to family, the funds from the settlement will go into a trust for Alexander’s daughter.