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NJ Man Charged in Over $27,000 Vehicle Sale Fraud


By: Richard L. Smith 

A Totowa man found himself facing charges of Theft by Deception and Issuing Bad Checks after a local Wayne resident fell victim to a fraudulent vehicle sale.AdDetective Michael Polifrone of the Wayne Police Department spearheaded the investigation following a complaint lodged on February 20th against Mr. Anthony Antoniello, 38. 

The unsuspecting buyer reported that he had agreed to purchase a vehicle from Mr. Antoniello, handing over a substantial payment of $27,900 in anticipation of the vehicle's delivery.

However, police say Antoniello's repeated excuses and eventual disappearance raised alarms, leaving the buyer without both the vehicle and the funds.

Despite initial attempts to reconcile, including promises to refund the buyer, Antoniello's assurances fell through when the issued check bounced, compounding his legal troubles.

This incident is not Antoniello's first brush with the law over similar allegations, as Detective Polifrone uncovered a pattern of fraudulent behavior spanning across North Jersey.AdAfter a series of evasions regarding his surrender, law enforcement officials apprehended Antoniello near his residence, leading to his detention at the Passaic County Jail, pending a court hearing.

The Wayne Police Department is now reaching out to the public for additional victims of Antoniello's schemes to come forward.

Detective Polifrone urges anyone with information or who may have been similarly defrauded by Antoniello to contact him at 973-633-3537.

As the legal process develops, it's important to remember that the charges against Mr. Antoniello remain accusations, and he is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.