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NJ Lottery Presents First Million Dollar Prizes Since Legislation to Stay Anonymous was Enacted

By rlsmetro on

The New Jersey Lottery today presents all prizes over $1 million that have been claimed since legislation was enacted on January 21, 2020, through the end of 2020 to allow winners to choose to remain anonymous.

Since the law was enacted, 26 players have claimed prizes ranging from $1 million to $202 million in New Jersey. All 26 of them chose to remain anonymous. 

The millionaire list includes winners from the following games: 

  • Three from Cash4Life
  • Three from Pick-6
  • Three from Powerball
  • Five from Jersey Cash 5
  • Six from Mega Millions
  • Six from Scratch-Offs

Two of the Mega Millions winners won jackpot prizes of $202 million and $124 million respectively, and a Powerball player won a $190 million jackpot.

Players who win $599.99 or less from the New Jersey Lottery can claim their prize at any of the Lottery’s nearly 7,000 retailers and be paid immediately in cash. Players who win $600.00 or more must file a claim with the Lottery. Each month, the New Jersey Lottery receives approximately 4,000 claims. 

On January 21, 2020, Governor Murphy signed P.L. 2019, c. 402, which amended the New Jersey Lottery Law, to provide that winners could choose to remain anonymous indefinitely, and the identity of winners shall not be included in materials available to public inspection under the State’s Open Public Records Act. 

Players claiming Lottery prizes worth $600.00 or more must still provide their identity to Lottery officials in order to claim a prize. The New Jersey Lottery is still required by law to withhold state and federal taxes from certain prizes awarded. 

The New Jersey Lottery also shares the identity of winners with other State agencies, and claims are reviewed for collection of unpaid obligations such as child support, student loan arrearages, and back taxes.

Claim updates will be provided on a monthly basis and can be found at The intent of these updates is to keep the general public aware of top-tier prize claims.