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Newly Constructed D. Bilal Beasley Community Center Unveiled in Irvington Park

Irvington Township

By: Richard L. Smith 

Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo and Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss unveiled the newly constructed D. Bilal Beasley Community Center in Irvington Park.

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The 13,000-square-foot facility represents the exemplary leadership and dedication of both officials toward improving Irvington and the wider Essex County community.

Under the leadership of DiVincenzo and Vauss, Irvington has seen significant transformation through numerous initiatives.

These include infrastructure upgrades such as street paving and the implementation of essential programs like garbage cans and recycling initiatives, showcasing their commitment to enhancing the township. "This remarkable achievement is a testament to the power of good governance," stated DiVincenzo.

Vauss "I am immensely proud to collaborate with Mayor Tony Vauss, a true champion for the Township of Irvington. Together, we are committed to delivering tangible results and enhancing the lives of our residents."

D. Bilal Beasley Community Center is designed to foster community engagement. It offers contemporary amenities and expanded space for various activities, programs, and events.

It aims to enhance the community of Irvington Park, providing a modern space for residents.

The dedication ceremony on May 31, 2024, saw a large turnout from the community, including elected officials and residents. D bilal The event celebrated the new landmark, which pays tribute to the late Freeholder/Councilman D. Bilal Beasley's legacy.

His mentorship to Mayor Vauss and the community has left a lasting impact on Irvington.

In addition, the adjacent building within Irvington Park will be named after the late Councilwoman Sandra Jones of the South Ward, honoring her contributions to the community.

The completion of the D. Bilal Beasley Community Center marks a significant milestone in DiVincenzo and Vauss's efforts to upgrade park facilities and meet the community's evolving needs.

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