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Newark’s Batman Needs Our Help

By rlsmetro on

For 25 years, Batman (Detective Genaro Ortiz Jr., Newark PD Retired) has been helping the citizens of Gotham as a beacon of hope. Now it’s our turn to give him the support he needs.

Gofundme Click **[HERE ](** to help Batman.

Family members said on Monday, April 27th, Detective Gene suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. While hospitalized, he suffered a second stroke on May 2nd.

He is scheduled to be released from the hospital to a rehab facility.

Gene has touched many of our lives as he selflessly served our community as the caped crusader. Since he is unable to work, his expenses will start to mount at a time when his income will be eliminated.

Please help us reach our goal and take a moment to share this site with everyone you know.

Together, we can bring Batman back!