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Newark Woman Accused of Shoplifting with Children in Fairfield, Arrested

Fairfield Township (Essex) Newark

A 28-year-old Newark woman was arrested after police say she took her children as she went in a shoplifting spree.

According to police, officers responded to the Target store - located on Route 46 - on Oct. 2nd for a report of a shoplifter.

Upon arrival, store security officers told police that a woman and her children were observed shoplifting items from the store.

Responding officers found three kids - ages 11, 10, and 2 - were allegedly found waiting by their car with a shopping cart filled with approximately $1,115 worth of merchandise. Shortly after police found Elaine Lott, 28, of Newark, leaving the store with an additional $445 worth of stolen goods, police said.

Police believe Lott instructed her children to take the items.

Lott was charged with shoplifting and employing a juvenile in the commission of a crime, and released of her own recognizance, pending a court date, police said.

According to police, the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and and Permanency are handling the investigation but children are in custody of an unidentified adult.