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Newark Teacher Accused of Spanking Student Has License Revoked

By kcora on

The ex-Newark teacher accused of spanking a four-year-old preschool student in 2013, had her license revoke, according to the New Jersey Department of Education State Board of Examiners.

The former Speedway preschool teacher, Richard Barnes-Bay, was accused of hitting the student twice in front of the entire class.

On March 18, 2013, Assistant Superintendent Mitchell Center was visiting the school when he heard yelling coming from a classroom. According to the document, Center allegedly heard someone say, "Come to school like a man – got to get a beating like a man."

Center entered the classroom and claims seeing Bey pull the student out of his chair and hit him twice on the buttocks in front of the class.

Bey denied Center's accounts. According to documents, Bey was removed as a teacher.

After reviewing the arbitrator hearings between Bey and the district Administrative Law Judge Jesse H. Strauss ordered, at the July 30 meeting, that Bey's teaching licenses be revoked.

On September 17, the board officially adopted the decision ordered that Bey's two teaching certificates be revoked.