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Newark Resident Among Two Allegedly Drunk Women Accused of Smashing into Parked Cars in Hoboken

By kcora on
Hoboken Newark

A 23-year-old Newark woman was one of two people charged with drunk driving after police said they smashed into parked cars in Hoboken.

Police responded to a report of a vehicle striking several parked cars on Second Street between Bloomfield and Garden streets just before 4 a.m. on Mar. 31st. after at least four vehicles were struck on March 31, Hoboken police Lt. Edgardo Cruz said.

Upon arrival, officers found Janelle Green, 23, of Newark, behind the wheel and Jamila Banks, 24, of Alexandria, Virginia, in the passenger seat, apparently highly intoxicated.

According to police, Green struck at least two parked cars and then the women switch and Banks struck another parked vehicles.

Police arrested and charged them with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and DWI in a school zone after failing a field sobriety tests at the scene.

In addition, Green and Banks were issued several motor vehicle summonses.