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Newark Public School Sophomore Scores Perfect 850 in Math Section of PARCC


Officials recognized a Newark Public Schools student for being one of a few 9th graders in the state to gain a perfect score in Algebra II on a portion of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers exam.

Andrew Milton, 15, a current 10th-grade student, took the NJ Parcc exam in the 9th grade, however like most students he did not receive his results until the beginning of this school year.

According to officials, during a back to school night session at Newark's Science Park High School, this past September, one of the teachers informed Andrew’s parents that in the Algebra II, he scored a perfect 850.

However, the real surprise for Andrew’s parent was learning that according to school, Andrew was the only 9th grader, among almost 75,000 students in the entire state of New Jersey to get a perfect score.

Nonetheless, this comes to no surprise to Andrews's parents who confirmed his strong work ethic.

“I mean this kid puts long dedicated hours towards his school work. We have seen Andrew on countless nights staying up until 2 a.m. completing tasks", his parents said.

"The oldest of five boys, he has always been an honor roll student and true inspiration since 7th grade. Andrew's passion is to attend Caltech University and become a physicist".