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Newark Police Lieutenant's FB Comments of Mayor Get Him Fired

By kcora on

A member of the Newark police department was fired Wednesday after an investigation ensued into comments posted on Facebook over the summer of the city mayor.

In late July, a member of the public debt police officials a screenshot of a Facebook conversation between Lt. Anthony Caruso and a second individual.

The person posted a photo of a gorilla with a caption that read, "Lmfao....How's your mayor?"

Caruso replied, "Exactly!!!!"

"As we continue to improve our community relations and to develop police legitimacy, we will not condone the type of behavior that Lt. Caruso displayed while referring to a member of our city administration as a gorilla," Police Director Eugene Venable said in a statement.

Glover added that although the department did not monitor employees' social media posts, however a "general order" prohibits employees from making any comment or opinion that defames the department or is derogatory in nature towards the City of Newark or any of its employees.

The 23-year veteran had a $133,528 annual salary.