Newark Police Issues Safety Alert for Pending Inclement Weather

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose reports that due to expected rain and snow, many streets may be flooded and should be avoided tomorrow.

Rain and snow are predicted before 2 p.m., followed by continued snow until 3 p.m. Tomorrow’s temperatures are expected to fall to 31° F. Snow accumulation is predicted to be less than a half inch, however drivers are advised to observe the “No Parking on Snow Covered Roadways” signs.

Because motorists can become stranded by driving through flooded streets and high water, drivers are asked to avoid these locations and to use alternative routes.

Drivers are also discouraged from traveling through any streets that are flooded, have high water or are believed to be flooded.

The following locations should be avoided due to flooding conditions or the potential for flooding:

Clay Street and McCarter Highway South Street and Van Buren Street Jefferson and Chestnut Streets State Street near Broad Street Jabez and Backus Streets 357 Wilson Avenue Manufacturers Place and Hyatt Street Magazine Street and Avenue L Avenue L and Wilson Avenue Ferry and Foundry Streets Norfolk Street Orange Street Nesbitt Street McClellan and Frelinghuysen Avenue, and Frelinghuysen Avenue and the Route 22 underpass

The Department of Public Safety is coordinating responses to burglar alarms, flooding conditions and other weather-related incidents through the combined use of Police, Fire and Office of Emergency Management Personnel.

Special attention should be given to unsecured outdoor furniture, awnings, refuse and building materials. For fire safety, please utilize flashlights, instead of candles, should you lose electricity due to this weather event.