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Newark Police, Firefighters Respond to Reports of Explosions in Newark's Fairmount Section


Several calls from residents to Newark Police reporting exploding sounds in the Fairmount section of the city brought a large emergency responder contingency to several neighborhoods.

At approximately 8:40 p.m., homeowners and residents in the vicinity of 12th and Fairmount avenues dialed 911 after two "explosion-like" sounds were heard in the area.

According to residents, the sounds immediately set off car alarms and shook some homes in the Fairmount section that borders Newark's West and Central wards. 

Police and Firefighters rushed to the scene and searched the area but did not find anything suspicious. Authorities could not seem to figure out what caused the mysterious noise.

Residents rushed out of their homes in panic, and many took to social media to report the unexplained sound that caused their window panes and doors to rattle.

Both the FAA and the military have reported that they did not cause the sound.

Newark emergency responders wrapped up their investigation at the scene, and no official information was immediately available from authorities.