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Newark, North Jersey Wakes Up to Mild Weather Ahead of Monday's Anticipated Eclipse


By: Richard L. Smith 

Residents in Newark and the greater North Jersey region greeted a mild 40-degree Sunday morning with anticipation, standing on the brink of a significant astronomical event.FitnessAs the community awaits a total eclipse set for Monday, the National Weather Service reports mostly clear skies and a light breeze to start the day, providing an ideal backdrop for the celestial spectacle.

While the day begins with sunshine peppered with mixed clouds, there is concern that bands of clouds moving in could obscure the view of the eclipse at its peak time around 2:10 p.m. Monday.

Although the East Coast will not experience the total eclipse or its path of totality, locals can still expect to witness a considerable portion of this awe-inspiring event.

Today's forecast promises partly sunny skies with a high near 56 degrees, carried by a north wind blowing at 7 to 14 mph.

The evening is expected to remain mostly clear, with temperatures dipping to a low of around 39 degrees.

As excitement builds for Monday's eclipse, residents are encouraged to enjoy their Sunday under the fair weather, making preparations to safely observe the moon's dance across the sun.