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Newark, North Jersey Shakes Off Wild Weekend Weather for a Sunny Start to the Week


By: Richard L. Smith 

After a weekend characterized by a mix of rain, wind, and a subsequent cold snap, my friends and family in Newark and the North Jersey region can look forward to a milder and brighter start to the week.TinyDespite waking up to temperatures around 36 degrees, with the wind making it feel more like freezing, the forecast promises a much-needed reprieve.

The National Weather Service projects a sunny day ahead, with temperatures climbing into the 50s.

The high is expected to reach near 52 degrees, though wind chill values between 20 and 30 early in the day will maintain a brisk feel.

NWS forecasters say a northeast wind blowing at 10 to 14 mph will accompany the sunshine, gradually warming residents' chilled bones.

Tonight, the skies will see increasing clouds, with lows hovering around 36 degrees.

While the wind may lend a colder feel to the day, it represents a significant improvement over the weekend's harsh weather conditions, marking a pleasant transition into the week's activities.