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Newark, North Jersey Region Wakes to Frigid Temperatures On Valentine's Day


By: Richard L. Smith 

On this Valentine's Day, Newark and the North Jersey region are waking up to a frigid and icy Wednesday morning. NinosFollowing a snowy start to Tuesday that eventually gave way to pleasant sunshine, the overnight drop in temperatures has transformed any residual moisture into ice, adding a slippery layer to the region's morning commute. 

Currently, temperatures in Newark hover just below the freezing mark, and the brisk breeze makes it feel significantly colder.

Despite the chilly winds that will persist throughout the day, we're in for a treat with mostly sunny skies. 

According to The National Weather Service, the forecast for today promises sunshine with a high near 36 degrees, though wind chill values between 15 and 25 degrees will keep the air feeling brisk.

Meteorologists say northwest winds will blow at 15 to 17 mph, adding an extra bite to the cold. The sky will remain clear as night falls, with temperatures dipping to around 23 degrees.

As you bundle up and step out to celebrate Valentine's Day, remember to dress warmly and take care in these icy conditions.

Wishing everyone in New Jersey a lovely and safe Valentine's Day!