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Newark, North Jersey Region Experiences a Cool Start with a Promising Weather Rebound


By: Richard L. Smith  

National Weather Service Meteorologists say residents of Newark and surrounding areas will wake up to a cool morning with a gentle breeze brushing against their faces.


The weather data for today indicates a humidity level of 75% and calm winds, setting the stage for a relaxing day ahead.

According to the latest weather data, NWS forecasters said the barometer stands at 30.33 inches, signifying stable atmospheric pressure.

Weather experts predict mostly sunny conditions throughout the day, offering respite from recent cloudy skies.

With a high temperature reaching near 68 degrees, locals can expect a pleasant outdoor experience.

NWS forecasters say south wind, blowing at 5 to 11 miles per hour, will contribute to the gradual rise in temperature. As the day progresses, Newark and the North Jersey region can anticipate a decent rebound in weather conditions, promising a delightful afternoon for those venturing out for work and school. 

Residents can look forward to a delightful transformation from a cool morning to a comfortably warm afternoon as the day unfolds. 

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Make it a great day, Jersey!