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Newark, North Jersey to Experience Pleasant Weather with Slight Cooling on Tuesday


By: Richard L. Smith 

Meteorologist for the National Weather Service said the Newark and North Jersey region is set to enjoy another day of pleasant weather on Tuesday, with partly sunny skies and a high temperature reaching around 69 degrees Fahrenheit.


According to NWS forecasters, the day will begin with a refreshing north wind blowing at eight mph, gradually shifting to the east in the afternoon.

Compared to Monday, Tuesday's weather will be a tad cooler, but it will still provide a comfortable environment for outdoor activities. The humidity levels are expected to remain at a comfortable 39%, where residents can look forward to enjoying a delightful day outside.

As the sun sets, NWS meteorologists say temperatures will gradually drop, reaching around 49 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday night. 

With a barometer reading of 29.89 inches, the atmospheric pressure in the region will be relatively stable on Tuesday. Forecasters say this indicates a generally calm and settled weather pattern, further contributing to the pleasant conditions.

The National Weather Service sums up Tuesday's forecast for Newark and North Jersey as pleasant, which calls for a mix of clouds and sunshine, creating a beautiful and picturesque sky.

Whether enjoying a lunch break in a nearby park or participating in outdoor sports, Tuesday promises to offer an excellent opportunity for the community to enjoy the area's natural beauty while experiencing comfortable temperatures.

 So, make the most of this delightful day while staying informed of weather updates on RLS Media by clicking HERE