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Newark Man’s Weapon Conviction, Prison Sentences Overturned


A Newark man’s gun conviction sentence connected with a killing of a man who was found in a burning car, has been overturned by a state appellate panel.

According to authorities!today, the state appeals court overturned a weapons conviction and vacated several prison sentences for James Todd.

The Superior Court's appellate division in June 2013 said the trial judge failed to

instruct the jury about the weapons charge in Chad Butler’s 2010 death.

Also, the appeals court claims the judge did not adequately justify why the maximum sentences were imposed on the remaining charges or the imposed maximum amount of parole ineligibility on each of those counts.

Authorities stated that Todd was ultimately imposed consecutive sentences of 10 years in prison for drug distribution conspiracies, unlawful possession of a weapon, 10 years for desecrating human remains, and five years in prison for hindering apprehension.