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Newark Man Wins $250K Lottery Scratch-Off


TRENTON Two-time jackpot winner Freddie R. of Newark is a regular New Jersey Lottery Scratch-Off player with a lucky streak like no other.

Freddie last struck it big with a $2,000,000 prize on a Platinum Diamond Spectacular Scratch-Off back in July 2017.

While claiming his first prize, Freddie told NJ Lottery that he intended to keep playing and winning!

Lately, Freddie felt that he hadn’t had as much luck with his usual games, so he switched it up and purchased a variety of new games, including the $250,000 Crossword game, before heading home to see if his luck had changed.

On his last two tickets, Freddie scratched to reveal the barcode and scanned the ticket with the NJ Lottery app on his phone.

The first of those tickets looked good – a $50 prize. The final ticket left Freddie in shock – it was for the jackpot of $250,000!