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Newark Man Arrested for Making Terroristic Threats to Mayor at Branch Brook Park Basketball Game


By: Richard L. Smith 

A Newark resident was arrested for allegedly making terroristic threats against Newark's Mayor Ras Baraka.

The incident unfolded at Branch Brook Park on a Tuesday night.

A video circulating on social media captured a heated and profanity-laced argument between the Mayor's brother, Mr. Amiri 'Middy' Baraka, who serves as Newark's Chief of Staff, and Mr. Thomas 'Africa' Ibing, 44, from the 'The People's New Black Panther Party' of Newark.


Officers swiftly arrived at the park upon receiving reports of the confrontation from the Mayor's security team.

Responding officers were guided to the engagement area, where Ibing was taken into custody. He was charged with making terroristic threats towards Mayor Baraka just before he argued with Amiri Baraka.

During the altercation, Mayor Baraka's security team ensured his safety and escorted him away.

A few moments after Ibing’s arrest, a group, including his wife and about a dozen others, were shouting in disagreement with what had just occurred. 

Readers should note that the verbal dispute did not occur in the vicinity of spectators watching the game, nor did it immediately disrupt the evening's competition. 

According to the video, the argument reportedly began as a discussion between Ibing  and Mayor Baraka about the alleged sale of buildings to "outsiders," which consequently led to the displacement of renters. There was no indication on the video of what buildings were affected by the sales or if Ibing was one of those displaced. 

Ibing claims that during this conversation, Mayor Baraka accused him of being a rapist. This allegation ignited the intense exchange of words captured in the video. The video did not show either accusation. 

The incident is under investigation as law enforcement seeks to understand the circumstances and context surrounding the confrontation thoroughly.

The Mayor's Office has not released any official statements regarding the incident or its aftermath.Ad